Wet Basement Blues: 3 Common Ways That Water Gets In

A wet or flooded basement represents a serious threat to both the literal and figurative foundations of your home. Diagnosing the cause is the first step in combating basement water damage. Unfortunately, this is not always easy to do. If you would like increase your knowledge about what causes a wet basement, read on. This article will teach you how to recognize three of the most likely culprits. Condensation Condensation generally manifests as water droplets forming on the walls and/or floors. [Read More]

Maintaining Glass Shower Doors

If you are contemplating renovating your bathroom, using custom frameless shower doors can enhance any tile work in your shower, as well as make your bathroom appear larger. Many people wonder if glass shower doors are hard to take care of, however. If you are thinking about switching to glass shower doors, there are a few maintenance steps to do regularly to keep the glass looking pristine. Here are some maintenance steps for you to use, helping you in deciding if glass shower doors are right for you. [Read More]

Three Tips To Help You Combine The Right Materials For Your New Deck

If you are going to have a new deck installed on your home, there are many choices in the types of materials you can use. There are composite decking materials, glass railings and tropical lumber materials. These choices can make it difficult to decide on the best materials to use in the design of your deck. You may want to have composite materials but include tropical lumber and custom railings. [Read More]

Eco-Friendly Mold Removal That Doesn't Use Dangerous Chemicals

One of the problems with approaches that destroy mold is that they are often damaging to something else in your house such as your pets, your electronics or yourself. This is especially the case when it comes to mold that grows inside of places that are hard to access like the wood inside of cracks in a chair. Here's a guide on the importance of avoiding using deadly chemicals for mold removal, including some new technological methods you can use to prevent mold before it occurs: [Read More]