Waterproof Your Concrete Walled Unfinished Basement In Order To Turn It Into A Home Gym

If you're looking to workout at home and have an unfinished basement, then you have an excellent opportunity. You can transform that space into a perfect home gym. The most important step is to waterproof the space. Before you choose a flooring, pick out exercise equipment (treadmills, weight sets), install mirrors, or otherwise decorate the room, you need to make sure the space is dry and not damp. Paint The Walls With Special Paint [Read More]

Choosing The Right Bed For A Spare Room

If you are setting up a spare room in your house then you may want to make it usable for a variety of functions. You can be creative and set it up to be a craft room, an office and a guest bedroom. If you like the idea of it having several different functions, then you want to make sure you purchase the right furniture that helps to create that versatile space. [Read More]

Looking At Foreclosed And Bankruptcy Properties But Keep Seeing Flooded Basements? That May Not Be A Problem

If you are in the market for a new home and you want to get a foreclosure or bankruptcy property, but you worry about water damage in the basements, it's important to know the water may not be a problem. Many of these properties show that there are some water lines from flooding on the foundation inside the basement, but this may not be because there is flooding problem. Instead, the water could be because the homeowner or the bank didn't pay the electric bill to keep the power on at the property, and the sump pump didn't work when there was heavy rains. [Read More]

Prevent Water Damage Caused By Toilet Condensation

It doesn't take a flood to cause water damage to a home. All you need is a small leak or steady dripping to cause serious moisture damage in very little time. One thing that many homeowners overlook is the condensation on the toilet. That condensation can introduce more than enough moisture into the wall behind the toilet and the floor below to cause moisture damage that goes beyond what you can see. [Read More]