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Had A House Fire? Learn What Can Be Restored From Smoke Damage

A house fire can be quite devastating, but you do not need to have your home burn down to the ground to lose everything. Sometimes the smoke can be just as destructive as the flames. Smoke damage from a house fire can get into almost everything in your home, causing the needs to professionally clean or replace your belongings and parts of the home's structure. Here is an overview about how items can be affected.

The House Structure

The severity of a fire will ultimately determine how much of your home's structure is destroyed due to smoke damage. The house may be structurally sound, but the smoke can easily permeate parts of a house that retains a smell that never goes away.

Wood used for the framing of the home is typically not sealed, so if the smoke got behind your walls, that means the smoke could have gotten into the framing. The wood can be cleaned using special chemicals by a fire damage restoration company.

Expect to replace all of your carpeting and drywall. The porous nature of the material and the cost to replace it will make it more affordable to replace the material than to clean it.

Hardwood floors are sealed which means they have a better chance of being saved depending on where the fire occurred. Fire that came up through the floor could get into the bottom surface of the wood, which may not be sealed. If the fire occurred on a higher floor, the smoke damage may only be caused by soot resting on the surface.

Your Personal Property

Anything that is considered personal property should be cleaned by a fire damage restoration company. It goes through a unique process where ozone gas is used to remove the smoke odor from items.

Items made out of plastic has a high chance of being permanently discolored due to smoke damage. Expect that these items will be thrown away and that your personal property insurance will cover the replacement. Thankfully, most plastic items are easily replaceable.

Wood furniture is salvageable in the same way that wood floors are. The surface is sealed, so there is a chance that the wood did not get permeated with smoke.

Fabric items, such as clothing and furniture, have a great chance of getting the smoke smell removed from them. The biggest challenge will be removing the stains caused from soot. If you had clothes hanging up on a closet, many items could be damaged from soot resting on the exposed part of fabric near the shoulder caused by the item resting on hangers.

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