home restoration after a severe storm

Waterproof Your Concrete Walled Unfinished Basement In Order To Turn It Into A Home Gym

If you're looking to workout at home and have an unfinished basement, then you have an excellent opportunity. You can transform that space into a perfect home gym. The most important step is to waterproof the space. Before you choose a flooring, pick out exercise equipment (treadmills, weight sets), install mirrors, or otherwise decorate the room, you need to make sure the space is dry and not damp.

Paint The Walls With Special Paint

The first step is to paint the concrete walls with masonry paint. This will help to prevent the dampness from entering the room. If you plan on installing drywall later, then this is definitely something you need to do. The dampness from the walls might not bother you if you're only occasionally in the basement, but if you're down there exercising, or if you plan on laying drywall, then it is a necessity. Dampness can rot drywall and it's not healthy for you either.

Masonry paint is sold in hardware stores. It is thicker than regular paint, but you can use the same paintbrushes that you use with regular paint. The only prep you need to do is use a wire brush and scrub the concrete or cinder-block walls to make sure they are free of grime.

Major Water Problems Need To Be Diverted: French Drains or Revised Gutters

If your basement occasionally gets really wet, as in small pools of water on the floor after a heavy rain, then you need to do more than just paint the interior walls. What you need to do is hire a contractor to come out and assess the situation. You will either need to have your gutters redirected or else you might need to have French drains installed.

If the gutter downspouts are directing water towards the foundation of your home, then the contractor can install new pipe and have the water carried off away from your home.

A French drain might need to be installed if there is large ground water running towards your foundation. For example, if your house is situated on a hill, water running down the hill will need to be caught. French drains will accomplish this.

A French drain is basically a large trench that is dug parallel to your foundation on the exterior. The trench is filled with small gravel and lined with a waterproof liner. The gravel is covered over with dirt. The depth of the trench is angled so that water flows down and away from the house. The contractor will determine how far away from the house the trench needs to be dug, and what the angle needs to be. This is definitely not something that you can do yourself. It requires heavy machinery and skilled labors. Contact a business, such as Basement Waterproofing Falls Church VA, for more information.