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Choosing The Right Bed For A Spare Room

If you are setting up a spare room in your house then you may want to make it usable for a variety of functions. You can be creative and set it up to be a craft room, an office and a guest bedroom. If you like the idea of it having several different functions, then you want to make sure you purchase the right furniture that helps to create that versatile space. This article will help you choose the best bed to use in a room that you want to be able to transform into a guest bedroom any time you need one.


A futon bed is one way you can go. This type of bed has a frame you can put up into sitting position where it looks like a couch or you can put it down flat so it functions as a bed. The mattress is a flexible one that will bend to accommodate the couch position and that will comfortably lay flat as well. The frame of the futon can be made of varying materials ranging from metal to different types of wood so you can match it to the other furniture. The mattresses also come in different colors and materials.

Captain's bed

A captain's bed is a regular bed, but it has drawers underneath it that offer extra storage. You can put this bed in the room where your guests can use it, and they will be able to keep their clothing and other personal care items in the drawers under the bed where they will be out of the way and in one place.


You can put a hide-a-bed couch or love seat in the room. This way, you can use it for seating whenever you want. However, when you have a guest visiting, it can be converted into a bed. You do want to keep in mind that these types of beds generally have thinner mattresses that wear out more quickly, so this option may not be best if the bed is going to get a lot of use.

Loft bed

A loft bed is a bed that's positioned up in the air, about the height of a top bunk bed. The bed is kept in this position by sturdy stilts. This type of bed allows you to have a bed in a room that doesn't take up any floor space other than the stilts. You can put a desk, a small entertainment center, a dresser or other pieces of furniture under the loft bed.

By choosing the best bed for your spare room, you can create a space that works for many different purposes and that you can invite guests to stay in. Contact a company like Ritchie's Furniture & Appliance to find the bed that fits best in your spare room.