home restoration after a severe storm

Looking At Foreclosed And Bankruptcy Properties But Keep Seeing Flooded Basements? That May Not Be A Problem

If you are in the market for a new home and you want to get a foreclosure or bankruptcy property, but you worry about water damage in the basements, it's important to know the water may not be a problem. Many of these properties show that there are some water lines from flooding on the foundation inside the basement, but this may not be because there is flooding problem.

Instead, the water could be because the homeowner or the bank didn't pay the electric bill to keep the power on at the property, and the sump pump didn't work when there was heavy rains. Here are a few things you'll want to do if you want to buy a property that is showing some water concerns.

Have the Sump Pump Checked Out

If you don't know how to check a sump pump on your own, ask the bank that owns the property if you can have a plumber check the sump pump. The sump pump maybe didn't have power, the pipe lines going out of the house could have been clogged, or maybe it wasn't large enough for the basement and the amount of rain that came in. Replacing the sump pump with something battery operated may be the solution for future flooding problems.

Get a Water Restoration Quote

Does the basement smell damp and moist when you walk into it? Do you smell mold or mildew? Have a water damage restoration company come to the property to do an evaluation and for a quote. See how much it's going to cost you to have them extract any remaining moisture out of the house, and to kill the mold that is on the walls or in the space. They can also seal the basement to prevent future problems, and to kill the mold and mildew that is lingering around.

The banks aren't usually to fix anything that is wrong with the house when they have taken over the mortgage, so you may be forced to take the house as is. If you like a house and you notice that there is water damage, don't let this deter you from putting in an offer. See if the house really has a flooding problem or if the flooding problem was caused by a power problem or sump pump error. This way you can get a good deal on a house and you don't have to worry about water problems. For more information, contact companies like Flood Damage Restoration.