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Prevent Water Damage Caused By Toilet Condensation

It doesn't take a flood to cause water damage to a home. All you need is a small leak or steady dripping to cause serious moisture damage in very little time. One thing that many homeowners overlook is the condensation on the toilet. That condensation can introduce more than enough moisture into the wall behind the toilet and the floor below to cause moisture damage that goes beyond what you can see.

Below, you will find a list of changes that you can make to reduce the condensation on your toilet and prevent further water damage after you have the existing damage repaired.

Run the Exhaust Fan

Every bathroom should be equipped with an exhaust fan. This fan is to be used for more than sucking the odors out of the bathroom – it is meant to suck the excess moisture out of the room. When showering, or when humidity levels are high, keep the exhaust fan on.

Adjust the Temperature

The temperature in your bathroom will play a significant role in how much condensation forms on the toilet. If the air is a lot warmer than the water inside the toilet, the condensation will form. Reduce the temperature in the bathroom by closing the heating vent, running a fan or opening a window.

Install a Toilet Tank Liner

Toilet tank liners are easy to install and will keep the condensation on the tank to a minimum by creating a barrier between the tank and the water. You simply have to drain the water out of the tank, let it dry a bit and then apply the adhesive and install the liner.

Use a Condensation Tray

A quick fix is to install a condensation tray below the toilet tank. Now, this isn't meant to be a permanent fix, but it can buy you some time to get some more permanent changes made.

Cover the Tank

Tank covers are available in various styles. Although many people use them just for looks, they can be very effective in reducing tank condensation. They will keep the warm air from reaching the tank and clashing with the cool temperature which causes the condensation.

Install an Anti-Sweat Valve

If toilet condensation is a serious problem in your home, the one fix that will truly put a stop to it is installing an anti-sweat valve. This valve is installed in the plumbing just before where the tank is connected. It mixes hot water with cold so that the water inside the tank isn't so cold that the condensation occurs.

Talk with your water damage repair expert to find out if the water damage in your home is caused by the toilet condensation. He or she will be able to point you in the right direction and maybe even assist you in rectifying the situation.