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Three Improvements to Protect Your Basement from Flooding

If you have a home on a basement, flooding can be a problem that you have to deal with. Doing things like improving the drainage can help to prevent many of the problems. Some of the improvements you can do to your home start from the outside, such as adding better drainage and installing downspouts extensions on gutters. If you want to prevent basement flooding, here are some things that you may want to do.

1. Improving Landscaping Grading for Better Drainage

Poor landscaping design can cause water to drain against your foundation. This happens when the grade is sloped towards your home. To prevent this problem from happening, it is important that the grading of your landscaping is done in a way that allows water to shed away from your home. If you have a difficult terrain, you may want to consider adding retaining walls to allow for better drainage of your landscaping.

2. Adding Landscaping Features That Improve Drainage

There are many things that can be done to improve drainage around your home. Retaining walls can help redesign the grade around your home. You can also have groundcover installed at the foundation with gravel. It can be dug deep enough to allow for the installation of a liner and a slope to drain water away from your home, much like a French drain system. You may also want to consider the installation of a dry well if you get a lot of rain and do not have good drainage to allow water to flow away from your home.

3. Installing Drainage Pipes for Gutters, Patios, and Other Water Traps

Drainage pipes can also help to deal with poor drainage problems. You can have pipes added to gutters that are too close to the foundation of your home. If you have patios and driveways that slope towards your home, you may want to consider having a drainage channel installed with grates to deal with any excess water.  Small drainage channels can also be added to landscaping to help direct water runoff. These improvements will help prevent static water pressure that can cause leaks and water problems in your basement.

If you want to prepare your home for basement flooding, here are some things that you may want to do.  If you need help cleaning up water in your basement, contact a water damage restoration contractor like Southwest Restoration Inc and talk with them about improvements to do inside and outside of your home.