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Maintaining Glass Shower Doors

If you are contemplating renovating your bathroom, using custom frameless shower doors can enhance any tile work in your shower, as well as make your bathroom appear larger. Many people wonder if glass shower doors are hard to take care of, however. If you are thinking about switching to glass shower doors, there are a few maintenance steps to do regularly to keep the glass looking pristine. Here are some maintenance steps for you to use, helping you in deciding if glass shower doors are right for you.

Clean After Each Shower

If you have glass shower doors, it is important to take the time to clean them after each shower so that buildup from soap or shampoo does not settle on the glass, leaving unsightly markings. If you fail to clean your doors after each use, the material will harden and be harder to remove the next time you try cleaning it. It is best to do it every time to avoid using excess cleaning spray. It will also save you time in the long-run. It will be a little daunting at first, but in time cleaning will become a part of your showering routine.

Keep Materials Handy

Keep a squeegee and a non-abrasive cleanser inside the shower with you so you can do the cleaning regimen as soon as you turn off the water. Place your towel over the door so you can dry off and place it around you. Open the door to let out steam and then spray down the surface of the door. Use the squeegee to scrape away the spray and any soap from the glass. Hold a washcloth at the bottom of the door as you squeegee it so that it mops up any moisture, eliminating it from landing on the floor.

Deep Cleaning Methods

In addition to daily cleaning, it is best to do a more thorough cleaning once a week to remove water droplets or caked-on soap your daily cleanings may have missed. Scrub both sides of the glass door using a mixture of half-vinegar and half-water to remove the harshest soap scum deposits. Heat up the mixture before applying and then scrub the hardened deposits using a non-abrasive sponge. Once every six months apply car wax to your glass door. This will help fill in any of the porous spots of the glass, giving you a slick surface. Click here for more information about custom frameless shower doors online.