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Three Tips To Help You Combine The Right Materials For Your New Deck

If you are going to have a new deck installed on your home, there are many choices in the types of materials you can use. There are composite decking materials, glass railings and tropical lumber materials. These choices can make it difficult to decide on the best materials to use in the design of your deck. You may want to have composite materials but include tropical lumber and custom railings.

Here are some tips to help you with combining the right materials in the design of your new deck:

1. Composite Decking Systems That Match Other Features

Composite decking systems are great materials that come in many different styles. If you are using materials like tropical wood on railings, you can get dark red colors that match the custom railings. With glass and metal features, there are grey color composite materials that will also be a great match.

The composite materials can be great to hide any of the mechanical connectors that are used in the construction of glass and cable railings. There are even fascia materials that you can use as a facade on the structural beams of your deck, and these can come in all the same colors as the decking materials you use.

2. Choosing The Right Custom Railing For Your Deck Design

You will also want to have the right type of railing for your deck design. For conventional decks you may use a wood picket style railing, which can be good for decks with real wood decking. If you want to have a more modern, contemporary look, you may want to consider cable or glass railings.

Tropical woods will not only look great, but they have more strength than many other wood materials. They are also naturally resistant to insects and rot, which make them an excellent combination with synthetic materials because they can last just as long.

3. Using Different Types Of Lumber Materials For Facades

Most decks have a conventional structure, which is usually made out of treated pine materials or structural lumber products. If you have an attractive design on the rest of your deck, these materials may not match the railing and decking that you have used. A solution to this is to create a facade for any exposed structural pieces. There are composite materials that can be used for this, as well as soffits for the underside of your deck. If you use a soffit beneath your deck, it will need to have a dry decking system to prevent damage from water. You can also wrap all the beams with a fascia facade, but this can be very costly.

These are some things to help you with combining the right materials in the design of your new deck. If you want to have a contemporary look for your deck, contact a vendor of hand railings to get the railings you need for your deck design. To learn more, contact a company like Weld Pro with any questions you have.