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Eco-Friendly Mold Removal That Doesn't Use Dangerous Chemicals

One of the problems with approaches that destroy mold is that they are often damaging to something else in your house such as your pets, your electronics or yourself. This is especially the case when it comes to mold that grows inside of places that are hard to access like the wood inside of cracks in a chair.

Here's a guide on the importance of avoiding using deadly chemicals for mold removal, including some new technological methods you can use to prevent mold before it occurs:

The Danger of Traditional Anti-Mold Chemicals

While there is no doubt that mold is bad for you, it's also the case that many anti-mold products are often terrible both for you and the environment as well. These cleaners often use chemicals such as chlorine or alkyl ammonium chloride.

These chemicals are often quite dangerous. They can literally chew right through various things such as everyday objects or even your skin. That's why the products often recommend that you wear kitchen gloves while using them. But the truth is that the safest thing to do with these chemicals is not use them at all.

Flushing the chemicals down your sink after use can also lead contribute to water pollution that can have a seriously negative effect on the local ecology and water table. Fortunately, there are alternatives to chlorine that are currently being developed.


You can treat objects made of wood against mold by putting them inside of a device that can safely microwave the object without causing damage. It will crystallize the resin in the wood and make it hard. This cuts off the porous wood from oxygen on the outside.

As a result, mold can't access the air and so cannot continue to grow or spread. Without oxygen or moisture, the mold will lose what it needs to continue to function. This also has the added effect of making it impossible for anything else to make it inside of the wood such as new types of mold or other pests.

The technology is still being developed, but it's likely that it will hit the market in the relatively near future.

Biological Solutions

There are products on the market now that can keep objects from getting mold simply by releasing a gas derived from natural plant agents. Other types of anti-mold products that are Eco-friendly use enzymes such as those derived from sugarcane fermentation in combination with coconut surfactants.

These solutions are safe to use because they are already present in natural wildlife. They are also often completely biodegradable and non-toxic which means that you won't need to put on kitchen gloves before using them.